Ellipsoidal Reflectors

  cata_img1 The KSE series ellipsoidal mirrors(reflectors) are able to produce a highly afficient ray of light, concentrating more than 90% of the luminous flux of high precision Xenon lamps. Yhese reflectors have no chromatic aberration, oroducing a clear true beam of light. They also have a very higu heat stability and are extremely resistant to breakage.
Tte newly-developed vacuum coating technique has made possible selective reflection or transmission of yays of partiqular wavelength, ultra-violet and infrared rays.
We also feature precies water-cooled metal reflectors developed for high-output lights and compact metal reflectors.

Parabolic Mirrores

  cata_img2 The KSP series parabolic mirror(reflectors) is a result of concentrated effort and experience with high-tech lighting.these products are designed to produce a higily precise collimated beam, the concentration and precision of which has met with increasing favor and demand in the area of efficient wide aperture light concentration mirrors.
Our own coating technique allows for the selective reflection or transmission or rays of particular wave length, ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Plane surface Mirror & Lens

  cata_img3 We are also ready to design and manufacture variations of the KS series to meet your particular needs.
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